First of the Month! First Blog! First Impressions!

You visited us!! It’s a day of FIRSTS!

We did it! We finally pulled our $&#$ together and embarked down this beautiful technical road called THE INTERNET! Throw the rotary phone away, WE’VE ARRIVED!!! We (Pam, Sandy, Janet, Sharon and I (Jenny)) opened Birch Alley~ a little brick & mortar home interior decor and gift store in 2013 and have always DREAMED of having a website, a blog, e~commerce and being able to connect with our customers in a fun and casual way.

Baby steps…. (7 years later!)

Today is November 1st and we all get to “start fresh” on the first of each month… So it would only be appropriate to launch the first blog post today!!
We’re a HOME shop  but we will blog about everything from interior design, color palettes, gift giving, entertaining and my favorite~ food and cocktail recipes. We want to encompass everything that is about “HOME”

I could talk all day but our holiday open house is tomorrow, November 2nd from 10am -5pm.   It is our favorite day of the year.  The store is bustling with people and there is a great energy~ everything twinkly, everything sparkly and my favorite~food and drinks!  This year it’s all about “Christmas in the City” because Worcester is going through so many amazing changes and we love being part of that!
Consider yourselves personally invited and we want to hear about your first impressions of holiday open house and our shop!

Happy First!!